Bill: As Doll

The fans of “Tokio Hotel” always been very creative.

One of them now was tinkering his idol Bill Kaulitz as doll, that looks like him.

Here is the comparison of original and doll…

© / RTL / Stephan Pick

Bill Kaulitz as doll. See the Deutschland sucht den Superstar-judge quite similar!

Stars often get incredible gifts from their fans. Most are self-made pieces that come from the heart. This time, a fan of Bill Kaulitz has surpass herself. In the “DSDS”- Liveshow the sweet boy from “Tokio Hotel” got a selfmade doll. This has a special feature: it looks just like Bill!

NO… the Doll is still mine ^^ Bravo is wrong =)

u made the doll? wow it is amazing :o did u give it to bill then or did u take it back home?

Huhu, Uhm I didn’t make it but I customized it ^.^
And yes I took it home haha… we just wanted to show him this doll…
My friend will take it again to the 7. Liveshow…. and to the Final Show =)

Nice… Now promiflash has written how beautiful Zuko is… They didn’t saw him from near… so I send them pictures and told them that he isn’t Ugly and a Barbie Doll.. =)

French Information how to create your own Bill Doll… 

Thank you to Tokio Hotel Daily - 2013 Wordpress <3

Sorry its just in German… but they say that the Doll is Ugly…. 


My friend from the BK Doll Fashion Support took Zuko to the 3. Liveshow

Collin Durden ans Zuko Lauderdale =) Picture Taken by Collin =)

Collin Durden ans Zuko Lauderdale =) Picture Taken by Collin =)