Can I buy some s from you or they arent for sell?

These are my dolls and I don’t sell them. But you can search for ball-jointed-doll companies on ago ogle and buy a naked doll, send it to me and I customize it for you… That’s no problem :) 

Zuko A. Lauderdale on a pinkish Background… I was shooting my other Dolls (Conny and Finnian, they both are more on the cuty and emo/ Hipser way, so pink isn’t sooo bad…)… and Zuko wanted to be taken by photo too.. so… here we go!

Sorry for Posting nothing for sooo long… Zuko is at home again… I’ve missed him… but he had a great Time with his new best friend =)… so I guess he will come with me there again very soon =)


Big Buddys <3

Hey guys here new pictures of Zuko… he got a make over… new beard, make-up and new piercings… And yes I know they are to close to each other… but the rings are to big to set them further apart….. Hope you like him =)

Face-Up commission for a friend… =)

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