Where did you get your Dolls?
I get my Dolls from Sellers like “Manu” www.manus-doll-shop.de except Constantin all my Dolls are from the Company DollZone (www.doll-zone.com

Are they expensive? 
Yes they are… For Zuko for example, I bought him naked with a face-up from Manu, he came 190,-€ but the personal value is much higher… 
Ball-Jointed-Dolls are expensive and if you want one, think about it a long time. I know many ppl´s I am one of them who bought a doll and sell it again because it wasn´t the right 

Do you do your face-ups by your own?
Yes! My first Face-up was really messy but now I think I am good enough to be proud of my work. I like the face-up´s I´ve done and I love to see my progress 

Wich materials do you use?
First I used normal colored pensils… with a knife I scraped paint from the pen tip and applied it with a brush. Now I use pastel chalk it´s softer like real powdered make-up… I like the result. For the Details I still use colored pensils. 
To fix my work I use Mr. Super Clear UV cut varnish from Mr. hobby 

Do you sew the clothing of your dolls by your own? 
Yes, I do. I ever wanted to by real clothing for them, but I can´t spend so much money for it so I sew them by my own. And I am really lucky with Zuko because of his style. Bill is a big inspiration, and really helpful, because if I have some fabric at home that it similar to the stuff Bill is wearing I can copy his style in 1/4. For my other Dolls is more difficult they don´t have a role model so I don´t have something for my orientation… I have do imagine all by myself and if you don´t know wich style your doll should have it´s difficuld. Ive for example, now he looks like Tom kaulitz when he was younger… but a long time I didn´t have i idea what I want to do with him, wich style he should have… first he was a Punk… now he wears hiphop clothing… he did a great transformation.

Why don´t you call Zuko and Ive, Bill and Tom?
Thats easy. I don´t want to have a mini Tom and a mini Bill. In the bottom line I have them at home xD. But that wasn´t my plan. Zuko is Named Zuko because he was my original charakter… He is a big fan of Tokio Hotel since beginning (since I have him xD) and he was looking very different at the beginning! But he make a transformation. And Ive is the same. the funniest thing is, he don´t like Tokio Hotel very much but at the end he is looking like Tom :D, both have their own history before they looked like the twins. They have evolved. They look like the twins, but they are still own characters.

Can I post Pictures of your Dolls on my Page?
Yes! But please if your don´t reblogg on tumblr (where I can see who reblogg what), Put a Link to this Blog below and tell me that you post it . I am very proud if someone Like my Dolls and want to show them on their site but I want that everyone could see that they are my Dolls
And please don´t remove any tags or put your own tag on it. This Photos are mine and I want that everyone can see it! 

Have you ever been interviewed in a magazine or so? 
the austrian fanmade magazine “Monsun Magazin" ask me a few questions, but except of this, no! 

Feel free to ask more questions that I can put more on this site =)

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