hi, where you bought the body, the face and eyes of Zuko?

Zuko is a DollZone Mo in normal pink skin. The eyes are from eBay. Wig and clothes are sewn by me :) www.doll-zone.com :)

I just run run run….



Selfie time and good night haha


I dont like Bill Kaulitz, but holyfuckingshitballsonevenmoresticks this doll looks IDENTICAL

Haha… Yes this was exactly what I was thinking .. Except the thing with “I don’t like bill kaulitz” and this was the reason why I was searching years for this doll :) and I am so glad that after I customized it, he really looks like the real one :3




Professional or not, no matter what art style, I wanna see how many artists are out there.


1. picture: happy birthday to the twins …. Can’t believe you’re already 25. 🙉

2./3. Pic: my Billy is based on a RPG with a friend and he turned 18 today (it plays 2007) … Bill had to celebrate alone because our Tom Doll isn’t here … We are still searching for a head like Bills :/ …. Very hard to find a limited head which is for sale «….

Selfie time and good night haha

cuddling time with Pudding (ja his name is pudding don’t know why I guess Bill decided this .. It’s wasn’t my idea! )

What do you want to see next?

Hey guys, wanted to ask if you have wishes what you want to see from my Billy… more sexy things or some Stage Action… or cuddeling with his new Beagle Puppy … you can express your wishes via FB, Instagram, DISQUIS or “Ask Bk DollFashion everything” =)